Frequently Asked Questions


What are your payment and cancellation policies? (non-COVID related)

Registered weeks can be canceled with a full refund until May 1, 2021. After this time, you may cancel less a $50 fee or have your paid tuition transferred to credits for future camps. Full tuition balance is due by May 15, 2021. For those who register after May 15, full tuition is due within 1 week of registration. You may change/transfer your camp weeks, if there is availability in their age division, up until one week prior to your camper’s first day of camp. You may add weeks to your initial registration any time, dependent upon availability. Tuition for weeks added during camp is $400 per week. Payment in full is due by the morning of your camper's first day of the added camp week.
Refunds or make-up days are not entitled for camp days missed due to sickness, injury, vacation, behavioral issues, or other similar reasons.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we will be offering financial support and scholarships to families in need, as available. We are currently working on expanding these opportunities, and will have more information available soon. To apply for a scholarship, please visit our Financial Assistance & Scholarships page.

What is the cost of camp?

Our tuition is $400 per week, with tuition breaks when you register for more than three weeks of camp. See the Pricing section for more details. A deposit of $50 per week willl be taken at the time of registration and deducted from your tuition balance.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! When camp registration opens, we will run an Early Bird Discount for two weeks. After that ends, we offer a sibling discount, as well as discounts for families who have a parent or legal guardian who is a First Responder, Healthcare Worker, Educator, or is an Active/Retired Member of the Military. Please contact us for more information.

NOTE: Multiple discounts cannot be combined.


Is each camp week the same?

While our days/weeks have a structure, the Game On! program is strategically designed so that with each additional week, your campers are enriched with new opportunities that foster growth as an athlete and a person in each sport. We understand that new campers come in each week, though, and we work hard to meet each camper where they are in terms of skills and knowledge. We also have a different Healthier4Me topic each week, as well as fun specialty clinics, events and theme days throughout the summer.

What is the Sports Leadership After Camp Program?

The Sports Leadership After Camp Program is a new, optional add-on program for our rising 6th-8th grade campers. It takes place weekly after the regular camp day from 3:30-5:00 pm. Participants will engage in an interactive, hands-on, and fun exploration of different facets of leadership, while empowering them to be leaders from wherever they are. The framework of the program is around the book Wolfpack (Young Reader's Edition) by Abby Wambach.

How is the typical camp day structured?

The typical Game On! camp day combines learning, individually-paced skill building, and fun play in a variety of different sports which may include tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, touch football, touch rugby, yoga, team handball, kickball and more. While the mornings are team-structured rotations through some of our core sports, the afternoons typically offer more choice. Coached by role models who share the passion to pass on the gift of sports, every Game On! camper is given the chance to feel the reward of progress and a deep sense of all that revolves around the concept of team.

At Game On! will my camper do anything besides play sports?

Absolutely! We’re a sports camp that also incorporates and cherishes traditional summer camp culture. Throughout the summer, expect fun events and activities such as Game On!’s Got Talent, tie-dye days, minute-to-win it contests, lanyard making, dance parties, and team challenges such as banner painting, skits, cheers, and handshakes. Each year we also celebrate World Games Week, Halloween in July, Decades Day, Crazy Socks Day, Be Your Own Superhero Day, and so much more!

What if my camper is not a skilled athlete and/or has never played various sports?

We welcome ALL skills and abilities at Game On! and provide the perfect environment for all to safely explore sports in a supportive environment while having a blast. Whether your camper's experience ultimately heightens her confidence and interest in certain sports or she is in it for the pure joy, she will thrive.

Is Game On! Boulder a competitive camp?

Not exactly. Our focus is on meeting each camper where they are in terms of skills and abilities in a variety of sports, while also working as a team and on good sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership, amongst other valuable life skills. Since we are playing sports, however, there is some element of competitiveness during game play. Game On! is not about the pressure to win, though. Rather how to have healthy competition, take risks, celebrate mistakes, and work through challenges in a fun and supportive environment.

My camper is a competitive athlete already. What will she gain from attending Game On!?

Game On! can offer your competitive athlete the opportunity to continue doing what she loves (sports!) just for fun and free of pressure. At Game On!, we subscribe to the theory that after an intense and competitive school year, they may need to lay back and have some fun enjoying other sports. In addition, comparable to the benefits accrued from cross training, participation in other sports may very well lead to improvement in the core areas of their specialty sports. (i.e. the footwork and reflex work demanded in tennis will most definitely lead to increased quickness in other sports.)

I read that my daughter will grow as an athlete AND a person. How do you accomplish personal growth?

Teaching and enforcing sound values and making smart choices pervade every aspect of camp. Not a minute goes by without attention to building solid character as we incorporate values such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, spirit, effort, leadership, perseverance, etc. into each and every day. We celebrate our strong bodies, we talk about specific issues that face girls, we watch motivational videos, and from time-to-time, we bring in accomplished professionals to tell their stories. A typical day starts with our Game On! pledge which states: I STRIVE TO BE GIRL STRONG. STRONG IN BODY, STRONG IN MIND, AND STRONG IN TEAM. GAME ON! We finish our day with popsicles and shout-outs for teammates.

Do you offer extended care?

Yes! We offer after camp care from 3:30 - 6:00 pm for an additional daily or weekly fee.

Do camp weeks need to be consecutive?

No, we do not require camp weeks to be consecutive, though we do encourage it whenever possible, especially for new campers. They are often just getting into a groove at camp by the end of their first week and consecutive weeks allows them some consistancy as they settle into a routine. But, we also understand that summers often involve many other activities and vacations, which require flexibility in scheduling camps.


Can my camper go home with another camper?

Yes, however please make sure that the person your camper is going home with is listed on your Authorized Pick Up list found in your Ultracamp account. This includes ANYONE who will be picking up your camper, even if it’s just a one time thing. For safety purposes, your camper will NOT be permitted to leave camp with anyone not on that list even if they provide I.D. If you forgot your login or have trouble adding someone to the list, or if you need to make this change after 1 p.m. during camp season, please call our camp office at 720-893-2386.

What is Game On! Boulder's immunization policy?

Game On! Boulder does not require that campers be immunized, however we strongly recommend it. If you have an immunization exemption for any reason, you must submit proper exemption documentation in lieu of your immunization records.

Are you a licensed camp?

Yes! We are licensed by the State of Colorado's Office of Early Childhood. Licensed summer camps are required to adhere to strict guidelines and requirements. To find out more about licensing rules, click here.

What are the requirements for staff? Do you do background checks and training?

Our Game On! Boulder staff is crucial to keeping our campers safe and carrying out our mission of empowering girls through sports. We are extremely selective, hiring individuals who are able to connect and inspire our campers daily and serve as a role model.

All staff who are 18 years and older are required to pass background checks through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the FBI, as well as the Colorado TRAILS database. All staff must also complete our thorough and strategic training prior to the first day of camp.
All staff who are 18 years and older are First Aid/CPR/AED certified, and have completed trainings for Mandatory Reporting, Disaster Preparedness (through FEMA), Injury Prevention, and Universal Precautions.

Can I request that my camper be in a group with her friends?

We do our best to honor at least one friend request, however with smaller group sizes it may be more difficult this summer. Rest assured that if your camper is not with all of her friends, she will be part of an encouraging, supportive team environment.

Do you offer lunch?

At this time, we are not providing a lunch option for purchase. Campers should plan to bring a nut-free, heathy, balanced sack lunch and two snacks each day. Refrigeration is not available.

What are Game On! Bouder's food policies?

For the safety of all campers and to prevent unintended allergic reactions, Game On! Boulder strictly adheres to the following policies:

  • All food should be 100% NUT-FREE, no exceptions. This includes peanut butter, almond butter, Nutella, etc. For ideas on nut-free brands and foods, please see the Snack Safely Guide.
  • Campers are not permitted to share food at any time, with the exception of siblings.

Are you an all outdoor camp?

While much of our programming takes place outside, we will have some programming indoors. COVID precautions will be taken at all times, including masks (as recommended by BCPH and CDC), smaller groups, distancing, frequent handwashing, and disinfecting high touch surfaces throughout the day.


It's been a tough year. How is Game On! Boulder addressing this with campers?

While we know how resilient and strong our kids can be, we also understand that they have been through a LOT during these unprecedented times. Game On! Boulder is committed to working with campers and their parents/guardians to support their social, emotional, and mental health while they are in our care.

What happens if camp is cancelled again? Will I get a refund?

In the event that camp weeks are cancelled due to COVID-19, we will offer families alternative programming options, refunds, or credits to your account. We know the past year has been financially challenging for many families, therefore we will maintain our flexible refund/credit policy through the end of the summer, as it pertains to closures or cancellations due to COVID-19. Please see the Financials section of this FAQ for our regular policies regarding cancellations, transfers, and refunds. NOTE: If you feel that you might take part in alternative programming should we have cancellations due to COVID-19, we strongly suggest requesting a credit to your account in lieu of a refund. We are charged for each credit card transaction, including registrations AND refunds. Should your credits not be used, you can always request a full refund at the end of summer programming.

What COVID-19 precautions will you be taking?

Currently, our plan is to implement similar precautions as we did last summer for in-person camp including curbside drop-off, small groups, daily health screenings for campers and staff, frequent hand washing, distancing when we are able, and masks when we are not. We will also continue to maintain a clean camp environment, including frequent disinfecting of shared equipment and high touch surfaces. We also are fortunate enough to have plenty of outdoor space to spread out and have fun!

We will continue to stay up-to-date on COVID-19 safety precautions as communicated by the CDC, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and Boulder County Public Health.

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